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woodpecker and chickadee eating at cedar suet feeder
Cedar Suet Feeders with Tail Prop
woodpecker using tail prop on suet feeder
cedar suet feeder with a woodpecker eating
single cedar suet feeder with woodpecker
Cedar Suet Feeders with Tail Prop
Cedar Suet Feeders with Tail Prop

Cedar Suet Feeders with Tail Prop

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Suet has high fat content and provides lots of needed energy. It's one of the best foods to attract woodpeckers! Wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, kinglets, thrashers, creepers, cardinals, goldfinches, juncos, thrushes, and jays all enjoy suet.
Built of solid cedar and stainless steel screws, this suet feeder is perfect for woodpeckers. The "tail prop" extension allows woodpeckers to perch comfortably while eating. The roof slides up the coated stainless steel cable for easy refilling with standard-sized suet cakes.
  • Solid cedar and stainless steel screw construction
  • 1” x 1⁄2” heavy vinyl coated mesh
  • Stainless steel wire cable for hanging
  • Tail prop for woodpeckers
  • Single size holds one standard-sized suet cake
  • Double size holds two standard-sized suet cakes
  • Made in the USA!

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