woodpecker and chickadee at seed log feeder
kettle moraine seed log feeder with roof and nutsie log
copper tint rain guard on seed log feeder
copper tint steel rain guard for bird feeders
chickadee at seed log feeder under roof
Kettle moraine seed log feeder with blue roof
kettle moraine seed log feeder with red powder coated roof
yellow kettle moraine nutsie log feeder with galvanized roof
Four galvanized roof color options for bird feeder

Seed Log Feeder with Roof

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Made from recycled plastic, brass rod, and a large powder-coated galvanized steel roof baffle.  ONE "NUTSIE" SEED LOG IS INCLUDED!

How it worksVery simple to use. Unscrew the top brass hanger and the roof lifts off. The seed log is then slid over the brass rod. Seed Logs are available in many different seed mixes. Attract a variety of birds with less mess. 

Type of Feed: Designed for 40 oz seed logs or seed cylinders. 

Overall dimensions:  14” diameter x 12” tall.
Available in four color combinations! Note: Copper Tint roof is made of colored steel.

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