healthy live mealworms for bluebirds or lizards
Live Mealworms (GIANT)

Live Mealworms (GIANT)

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**Monday July 1st is the only day we will be shipping Live Mealworms** The next shipping day will be Monday July 8th.


**Due to high temps in various parts of the US, we are unable to guarantee live mealworm shipments at this time.** We will hold all Live Mealworm orders until the temps drop, unless you request otherwise.

All mealworms ship free!

Orders to be shipped same day must be received by 9:00 AM EST to be shipped that day. Orders received after 9:00 AM EST will be shipped the next day. Worms are only shipped Monday-Thursday. 

Worms are guaranteed to arrive alive! We provide the healthiest mealworms on the market. We ship directly from the mealworm farm to your front door. 

Wild birds (particularly Bluebirds!), reptiles, and amphibians love them. Farm-raised in the USA on a diet of fresh cereal and vegetables. High protein level. Pest free. Giant mealworms are used widely for bait, especially in trout fishing!  Larger mammals also like the juicy 1-1/2" mealworm.

Please note:  The picture shows what mealworms look like and does not represent their actual size. GIANT mealworms are approximately 1-1/2" long. Also available in Medium and Large sizes.

All live worms are shipped via Priority Mail, 2 to 3-day service.  Shipping days- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday.

About Mealworms: If you haven't used mealworms (Tenebrio Monitor) before, they are the larvae of a beetle with a high protein level.  Because their diet consists of fresh cereal and vegetables, they are extremely palatable to birds and a safe food source.

Storage Instructions: 
Mealworms can be stored for several weeks. Transfer them to a shallow, smooth-sided tray or tub. If the sides of your container are smooth enough, a lid should not be necessary. If a lid is used it should be well ventilated. Add 1 inch of bedding (wheat bran, oatmeal, or cornmeal). Once a week place your worms at room temperature, add a carrot, and let them feed on it for a few hours, then remove the carrot and return to the refrigerator.  Your mealworms can be kept for several weeks, under the right conditions.


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