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cedar bluebird feeder with hinged roof
sturdy cedar bluebird feeder with side entry
cedar bluebird feeder with viewing window
Cedar Post Mount Bluebird Feeder

Cedar Post Mount Bluebird Feeder

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This solid cedar mealworm feeder has entry holes on two ends that allow your Eastern Bluebirds to feed inside. The entry holes prevent larger more aggressive birds, like starlings & jays, from feeding. 

Directions are included on how to use this feeder. Live mealworms are an absolute favorite of bluebirds, as well as chickadees, nuthatches, and wrens (who can also feed here). Live mealworms and poles for mounting are sold separately, baffle recommended.

  • Solid cedar and stainless steel screw construction
  • 1 1⁄2” entry holes allow Eastern Bluebirds in and keep larger birds out
  • Removable acrylic viewing window
  • Hinged roof for filling
  • Made in the USA

It can take a little time for your bluebirds to understand how to enter this feeder. When first introducing it, we suggest removing the plexiglass window and placing a few live mealworms in a small dish inside. Once the birds understand there is (the most delicious) food inside, they should be willing to try the entry holes and you can put the window back after a few days. 

Overall dimensions:  7” wide x 6” deep x 12” tall. 

→ Read more about bluebirds in our Bluebird Guide!


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