Bluebird Nest Box
Bluebird Nest Box
Cedar bluebird nest box with easy open panel
Bluebird Nest Box
Bluebird Nest Box

Bluebird Nest Box

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A good bluebird box should be more than just a cavity for a bird to build a nest in. It should be easy to monitor, easy to clean, and provide a safe nesting site. This one has it all! It is very easy to monitor and clean with the flip-down front panel. Grooves below the exit give the bluebirds additional traction, and help out the fledglings. Ample ventilation just under the roofline and drainage holes on the bottom keep the nest dry and comfortable. It is a very strong cedar box that will last many years.

  • Solid cedar and stainless steel screw construction (no nails or brads)
  • 1-1⁄2” entry hole designed especially for Eastern Bluebirds
  • Flip down front for easy cleaning and monitoring
  • Excellent drainage and ventilation
  • Fledgling ladder
  • Built-in predator guard
  • North American Bluebird Society Approved (instruction sheet included)
  • Made in the USA

    Your bluebirds will feel at right at home in this sturdy cedar birdhouse! Bluebird nest boxes should be mounted on a smooth pole, ideally with a baffle, to keep the birds safe from predators like cats, squirrels, and raccoons. Mounting poles are sold separately.

    Bonus: Tree Swallows will also use a bluebird nest box. Try installing two bluebird nest boxes close to each other and each of these beautiful species will take one house. Bluebird houses must be spaced at least 300' apart for each bluebird pair, but houses placed less than 10 ft apart will allow for one pair of bluebirds and one pair of tree swallows to co-exist.

    Measures 7" wide x 8" deep x 11" tall

    → Read more about bluebirds in our Bluebird Guide!

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