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red bellied woodpecker eating peanut butter
peanut butter bird feeder made of cedar with protective roof
downy woodpecker eating at peanut butter bird feeder
woodpecker eating peanut butter on hanging feeder
cedar bird feeder for woodpeckers and chickadees

Cedar Peanut Butter Feeder with Clear Roof

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Feed your woodpeckers a delicious treat with this easy-to-cling-to cedar feeder. The clear roof helps keep the rain off of the peanut butter while the numerous "cups" mean less frequent refilling! We've designed it with a longer shape to allow woodpeckers to prop themselves up comfortably.

  • Solid cedar and zinc plated screw construction
  • Hook for hanging
  • Unbreakable clear poly roof
  • Eight "cups" on each side for peanut butter

Overall dimensions:  11.5” wide x 3 1/2” deep x 11.5” tall with hook

How it works:  It is ready to hang straight from the box.  Spread peanut butter into the holes, then sprinkle on some nuts, sunflower seeds, or roasted mealworms. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, & titmice will enjoy feasting here!

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