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suet cage with hook for hanging
suet cage feeder hanging horizontally
Woodpecker clinging to hanging suet cage
two woodpeckers on hanging suet cage
open hanging suet cage
hanging suet cage to discourage starlings

Single Suet Cage

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Green coated wire mesh cage with flip-down opening for easy refill. Hanging chain is included. 

Woodpeckers, chickadees, and other wild birds are able to cling to the wire mesh for feeding. This is a great way to round out the food options for your yard visitors! 10 packs of Peanut Butter Suet cakes also available!

Pro tip: To discourage starlings  from feeding here, hang the cage horizontally, and place suet in its container facing down. They're unable to cling to the bottom.

Overall dimensions:  5.5” wide x 2” deep x 5.5” tall

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