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cedar bluebird nest box with viewing window
bluebird nest box with interior grooves and ventilation
kettle moraine cedar bluebird nest box with side opening
kettle moraine super bluebird house
Super Bluebird Nest Box
outside dimensions cedar bluebird nestbox
interior dimensions of cedar bluebird nest box with fledgling ladder

Super Bluebird Nest Box

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A good bluebird box should be easy to monitor, easy to clean, and provide a safe nesting site. It should be more than just a cavity for a bird to build a nest in. This one has everything your bluebirds need! It is very easy to monitor. The side has a hinged door with a viewing window to keep nestlings secure. When it is time to clean the nest, the viewing window slides out to provide full access to the box. The copper portal around the entrance maintains the 1½” entry. Predators will not be able to chew the entrance to make it larger. There is plenty of ventilation just under the roofline and drainage holes on the bottom to keep the nest dry. It is truly SUPER and top of the line.  An information sheet is included with the nest box.

  • Solid cedar and stainless steel screw construction will last for years
  • Removable acrylic viewing window
  • Hinged door for easy monitoring
  • 1½” entry, ideal for bluebirds
  • Copper Portal maintains entry
  • Grooves below the exit hole for nestlings to climb
  • Excellent drainage and ventilation

Overall dimensions:  8” wide x 8” deep x 12” tall
Interior dimensions: 5" wide x 3.5" deep x ~9" tall

Bonus: Tree Swallows will also use a bluebird nest box. Try installing two bluebird nest boxes close to each other and each of these beautiful species will take one house. Bluebird houses must be spaced at least 300' apart for each bluebird pair, but houses placed less than 10 ft apart will allow for one pair of bluebirds and one pair of tree swallows to co-exist.

Bluebird nest boxes are best mounted on a pole, preferably with a baffle, to keep the birds safe from predators. Mounting poles are sold separately.

→ Read more about bluebirds in our Bluebird Guide! 

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