*SPECIAL*  Three Arm Pole Package with FREE Suet Feeder
three arm topper for pole kit
close up of wrought iron hook
optional squirrel baffle for pole kit
optional decorative basket for pole package
pole segments fit together easily
twister ground socket for pole kit
three arm pole kit with measurements
*SPECIAL*  Three Arm Pole Package with FREE Suet Feeder
*SPECIAL*  Three Arm Pole Package with FREE Suet Feeder
*SPECIAL*  Three Arm Pole Package with FREE Suet Feeder

*SPECIAL* Three Arm Pole Package with FREE Suet Feeder

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**Special Offer**
Free 'Cedar Suet Feeder with Tail Prop'
 with purchase of any Pole Package! Valid 11/4/19 thru 11/17/19

Complete Pole Kit. Our pre-packaged pole systems are strong, durable and ready for whatever you hang on them. All pieces are powder coated black for longevity. 84" height from ground to bottom of hooks (~90" with decorative basket).

Each kit includes: three pole sections, twister ground socket, and three-arm topper.

Poles made of 1" super strong steel which has been powder coated black. Poles assemble easily.

Ground Socket twists 20" into the ground to support heavy feeders and planters. Includes set screw and 1/2" turning hole for installation.

Hooks are made of 3/8" wrought iron with premium hand forged ends. 12" reach. Powder coated black. There is no bouncing or sagging on these strong arms!

Options available: Decorative Basket extender, Squirrel Baffle.

Decorative Basket adds 6" of height and old world elegance to the top of your pole.

Squirrel Baffle is constructed of galvanized steel and powder coated black. Measures 16-3/4" long and 6-1/4" in diameter.

To keep squirrels from getting onto your bird feeders, place your pole 8-10' away from railings, roofs or trees.  This prevents the squirrels from leaping over the baffle.  Squirrel baffles should be mounted a minimum of 4' from the top of baffle to the ground.

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